10 rules to remind myself when trading – Part 1

Here are 10 rules to remind myself when trading in random order:

– Don’t buy because of the hype. If is already up by a lot is prompt to drop as fast.
– If you like the stock forget about stop loss. Stocks will eventually go down but is if a good stock it will recover.
– If the stop loss kicked in, don’t go back in just move on.
– Don’t average down. if the stock is losing it will probably keep on doing so. Only average down if you truly believe in the company and you are ready to hold probably for a long time.
– If the stock is doing great percentage wise don’t add a big position.. it might be the tip of the mountain.
– look for dividing paying stocks with at least a good 3 months run.

– have cash available in case the Market crash! You will regret not having cash to buy stock at a low price.

– invest long term in good American companies

-Stay away from Bio stock crazy gains but crazy drops

-Buying the dip of good companies usually pay off like Fnko, Ally, etc.

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I am Angel a licensed optician who likes to trade, save money and bring value.

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