Stock Watchlist Week 13

Here is my watchlist 13

The first one would be Wendys

  • Opened today at $13.38 and is currently sitting at $14
  • In the past five days it went up from $10.55
  • Before the market crash this stock was sitting at $24

Next on my watchlist would be Bank of America

  • Opened at $20.90 and is currently at $21.60
  • Yesterday this stock was sitting at around $18 which it was a great opportunity to buy.
  • This stock before the crash was trading at $35 per share

Next on my watchlist is Realty Income

  • opened today at $47.20 and is trading at $50.67
  • In this past 5 days this stock has been a roller coaster. It has been trading as high as $52 to as low as $38 good for swing trading.
  • Before the crash this stock has trade as high as $84 per share

Another stock on my watchlist is Snapchat

  • it opened today at $11.32 is currently at $11
  • In the last 5 days it went up from as low as $8 per share.
  • Before the market crash it was trading around $19 per share.

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