Are you JOBLESS at the moment. Do this.

Are you JOBLESS at the moment. Do you feel Stuck? Now is the perfect time to:

1. Update your resume.
2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
3. Learn new skills. Take free courses online.
4. Build your network. Refresh your connections.
5. Apply for jobs online.
6. Practice for phone and video interviews.
7. Control your thoughts. Be POSITIVE.
8. Be active on social media in a positive way.
9. Exercise. Eat healthy. Take care of yourself.
10. Pray – Ask God to make a way for you where there “seems” to be no way.

Job hunting is draining but don’t be discouraged. COVID-19 will not last forever. This too shall pass. Take small steps every day and Be PATIENT. Keep going. It’s just a matter of time and the right door will open for you.

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I am Angel a licensed optician who likes to trade, save money and bring value.

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